Specialist of SSR and Thyristor

  • KSD Series Single Phase AC Output SSR
KSD Series Single Phase AC Output SSR
  • i-Autoc

· TRIAC Output (3A) or SCR Output (5A)
· Control Voltage: 15-32VDC, 4-32VDC
· Load Voltage: 240VAC, 380VAC, 480VAC
· Load Current: 5A
· Dielectric Strength: 4000Vrms
· RoHS Compliant

KSD(037) series solid state relays(KSD series ssr)


General parameters



Load Voltage

240VAC / 380VAC / 480VAC

Load Current

3A / 5A

Ambient Temperature Range

-30℃ ~ +80

Storage Temperature Range

-30℃ ~ +100

Weight (Typical)


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General Notes

1.260welding temperature, the whole process should not exceed 10 seconds, 350, the welding process should not exceed 5 seconds, otherwise it may cause damage to the product.

2. Control end polarity should be correct, otherwise it will damage the product.

3. When the working environment temperature of the product is high, please refer to the temperature curve for derating.


Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please don’t hesitate to contact with us for any technical questions.

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