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  • DRF Series Multi-channel Bus Control Voltage Regulator
DRF Series Multi-channel Bus Control Voltage Regulator
  • i-Autoc

· RS 485 Bus Control
· Modbus RTU Communication Protocol
· 12 Sets of Signal Output
· LED Indication
· Stablized Voltage Output
· 35mm Standard Din Rail Mount

DRF Series Multi-channel Bus Control Voltage Regulator

 DRF Voltage Regulator

General parameters


DRF Series Voltage Regulator

Detection Current Channel

12 Channels

Load Voltage

220VAC / 380VAC

Ambient Temperature Range

-30℃ ~ +80

Storage Temperature Range

-30℃ ~ +100

Weight (Typical)


Click the link below to download datasheet


General Notes

1. In order to reduce the external interference, twisted pair or shielding wire is recommended as the control line of RS485.

2. SSR should adopt random-on type, zero-crossing SSR cannot be used.

3. DRF12S220P-S4F power supply is three-phase with N, and each circuit voltage is 220 VAC. DRF12S380TP-S4F power supply is three-phase without N.

4. In order to improve the accuracy of temperature measurement, it is suggested to choose a shielded thermocouple.


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