Specialist of SSR and Thyristor

Company : Xiamen Kudom Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd
Address : 301,No.58,Hongtangtou 1st Road,Xike Town,Tongan District,Xiamen,Fujian,China
Phone : +86-592-7116266
Email : sales@i-autoc.com
Global Distributors
NF Forward (Germany) www.nfforward.com
Eurotronix (Spain) www.eurotronix.com
Switchtec Ltd (United Kingdom) www.switchtec.com
COMODEX I&T (Israe) www.comodex.net
Utech Electronics (Canada) www.utech.ca
SMD Inc (United State) www.smdinc.com
Leo J Mahoney (United State) www.mahoneyco.com
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