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  • KSI(068) Series Single Phase AC Output SSR
KSI(068) Series Single Phase AC Output SSR
  • i-Autoc

· Zero-crossing or Random-on Switching
· SCR Output
· AC or DC Input Control
· Load current: 25A-80A
· Dielectric Strength: 4000Vrms
· Internal TVS Protection Circuit(Optional)
· LED Indicator
· RoHS Compliant

KSI(068) series single-phase solid relay(KSI(068) series SSR)


General parameters


KSI(068) Series SSR

Load Voltage

240VAC / 480VAC / 600VAC

Load Current

25A / 40A / 60A / 80A

Ambient Temperature Range

-30℃ ~ +80

Storage Temperature Range

-30℃ ~ +100

Weight (Typical)


Click the link below to download datasheet

Single Phase SSRKSI(068)_EN_V4.1_20231031.pdf

General Notes

1. Relay must be mounted to proper sized beat sink hased on thermal curves. Thermal grease or a thermal pad must be used between relay and heat sink and be torqued down to 18-20/2.0-2.2in-lb/Nm.

2. When connection wiring to SSR, please ensure screws are torqued down properly (input 13-15/1.5-1.7in/lb/Nm, output18-20/2.0-2.2 in-lb/Nm).

3. SSR's carrying load capacity is related to the operation ambient temperature and heat dissipation condition, please refer to the Thermal Derating Curve for derating.


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