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  • KRH Series Three Phase Power Regulator
  • KRH Series Three Phase Power Regulator
  • KRH Series Three Phase Power Regulator
KRH Series Three Phase Power Regulator
  • i-Autoc

· Control is compatible with RS 485, analog control (4-20mA, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V), and potentiometer control
· Phase shifted output or power cycle output
· Load current and load voltage display
· Max. constant current and constant voltage
· Output setting
· Max. output ratio setting
· Load break alarm
· Phase loss alarm
· SCR failure alarm
· Fuse break alarm
· Over temperature protection
· Built in fuse protection
· Soft start, soft off
· Soft up, soft down
· Transformer load setting mode

KRH Series Multi-functional Three Phase Power Regulator

Power Regulator

General parameters 


KRH Series Power Regulator

Load Voltage


Load Current

120A / 150A / 200A

Ambient Temperature Range

-30℃ ~ +80

Storage Temperature Range

-30℃ ~ +100

Weight (Typical)


Click the link below to download datasheet

Three Phase Power RegulatorKRH_EN_V1.1_20231123.pdf

General Notes

1. Please ensure the reliable connection of all terminals, loose wiring will cause abnormal heating and damage to the product. 

2. Please ensure screws are torqued down properly (input (0.35-0.45) N·m, output (9-12) N·m). 

3. This product has a built-in fault detection circuit, so the R, S and T loop must be connected to the phase line, and U, V & W must  be connected to the load for proper operating. If the phase line and load are connected reversely, the product cannot work  properly. 

4. During use, it is necessary to ensure reliable grounding. 

5. Except for replacing the fuse, it is forbidden to disassemble or modify the product without authorization.


Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please don’t hesitate to contact with us for any technical questions.

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